How can GCMS help me speed up my application processing?

We are often asked if it is safe to request visa file GCMS notes and if ordering GCMS could help “pushing” a stuck application a bit- people often hesitate to do anything they do not quite understand with an immigration file. Now we’ll briefly explain how the procedure works and demonstrate that it is safe and often quite useful to request GCMS notes for moving your application forward.

We’ll need some basic information about Canadian legislation for better understanding. Requesting GCMS notes is made possible by the Access to Information Act – the Canadian act that stipulates that any individual has legal right to know everything the Canadian government knows about him or her (in real life there is no such thing as “everything”; therefore some exceptions may apply). Under this provision any individual have legal right to request any information about himself or herself from any Canadian government institution – on a federal, provincial or municipal level. Since all immigration and visa applications are processed by the federal government, namely by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, one may ask this ministry to provide every piece of information they have on him or her.

However, there are certain limitations to mention before we get to the point. Specifically, anyone who applied for a Canadian visa from abroad (be it a temporary visa, a study or a work permit, or an immigrant visa) can request his or her information only via an intermediary. The reason is simple: the Access to Information Act allows to release any requested information to Canadian citizens, permanent residents or individuals physically present in Canada only. Obviously, a person who applies for a visa from outside of Canada does not meet this criterion.

Here we got to our first point: requesting GCMS notes is absolutely legal, since it is backed by Canadian law. This is already sufficient to ensure that a GCMS request cannot negatively impact any application in process – just because it is as legal as applying for a tax rebate.

And moreover – requesting GCMS notes is not only useful for an applicant because it allows him or her to understand how the case is going and to address any issue in a timely and knowledgeable manner. It is quite common that a GCMS “push” request actually facilitates case processing, and there is a simple reason for that: every single documents processing request is handled by a live person, and every time an immigration or visa file has to be “pulled” from the queue, meaning that an officer has to open the file and to look inside. Very often it results in development on the case – if, for example, an officer sees that a processing stage is overdue while preparing GCMS case notes. This way you may “push” an application if it is delayed and has overdue a set processing date.

It is not, however, necessary that your immigration/visa file will be sped up if you request GCMS notes “push”, but many years of experience allow us to be absolutely confident that a GCMS request (or even a dozen of such requests while the case is in process) do not cause any case processing issue at all, quite contrary: it helps visa application to move in a processing queue.


If you are looking to order GCMS, contact our professional team today. We will be glad to help you.


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