Self-employed immigration. No IELTS?

Self-employed immigration program is one of the most underrated Canadian immigration initiatives.

Designed for individuals who work on their own, this program combines some unique features most applicants are unaware of.One of the most exciting things about the self-employed immigration program is that it still works under the old immigration requirements.

Any person, who has been working in a designated occupation for self, not for an employer, can find him/herself eligible under the Self-employed program.All occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport are eligible under the Self-employed category. Examples are authors, journalists, translators, musicians, dancers, composers, actors, artists, photographers, athletes, coaches, sound engineers, videographers and many others.

Self-employed farmers are specifically mentioned as eligible under the program, given that a candidate has recent relevant farm management experience of 2 years or more.

One important thing about the program is that it does not require to apply through the Express Entry system and to wait for an invitation to arrive. Any eligible candidate can apply at any time.

This may sound impossible, but there is no minimum language requirement for the Self-employed program. Instead, an applicant must reach the passmark based on the program points grid, and thispassmark can be easily reached by almost any candidate whose profile falls under the self-employed category.

Compared to other immigration programs available today, Self-employment category offers something special. The application process is quite straightforward; it does not involve Express Entry, receiving an invitation or nomination certificate, squeezing into application intake cap and so on. Any applicant willing to apply can gather documents, prepare and submit an application directly to CIC.

Would you like to know more about the program and apply? Contact our licensed immigration practitioners today for your consultation and chances assessment. We work to help you.

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