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Benefits of Canadian Immigration Success course

World's first live course for everyone looking to immigrate to Canada. Don't hire a lawyer, save thousands of dollars and immigrate yourself.
Clear instructions, samples of documents, links to official resources, live discussions with Canadian immigration professionals.
Take your immigration in your own hands. Your pathway to successful immigration to Canada!

Comprehensive Course

Independent provincial and federal immigration, Express Entry, real case examples and professional guidance — everything is covered.

Documents and forms

We explain what documents are required, how to prepare and submit them. Receive samples of quality documents and letters.

Always up to date

This course is live and continuously updated by the authors to reflect current Canadian immigration legislation and best practices.

Live discussion

Have your questions answered by Canadian immigration specialists. Answers to help you immigrate, not to lure you into a contract.

Official sources only

The course is based exclusively on the official Canadian sources of information. Supported by links to government websites.


With a price tag much less than an immigration application fee this course will save you thousands of dollars in legal costs.

World's first

This is the world's first education course created by immigration professionals for people willing to immigrate to Canada.

Materials included

Every participant receives samples of documents, useful links, written instructions and lots of other materials for use.

Do it like a pro

Armed with shared knowledge and experience you will be able to handle your own immigration case like real professionals do.

Avoid mistakes

Dozens of commonly made mistakes explained during the course. Be smart and avoid known pitfalls to succeed.

Five modules

Everything from concepts to arriving to Canada explained A to Z in 5 interactive online course modules, approx. 1¼ hours each.

Catch the details

The course covers both fundamentals and details down to specific documents, common situations and even form fields.

Special offers

Extra bonuses inside — free and hugely discounted document and legal services exclusively for course participants.

The immigration essence

All essential information about independent immigration to Canada combined in a single course by Canadian immigration specialists.

Participants recommend

We receive great feedback on our course. Over 94% of participants say that they would recommend Canadian Immigration Success.

Examples of topics covered

What do you need to start the immigration process ★ How to register in the Express Entry system ★ How to increase your Express Entry points ★ How to participate in a provincial overseas event ★ How to apply under a provincial nominee program ★ How to prepare an employment reference letter ★ How to perform educational credential assessment ★ How to avoid common mistakes ★ What to include in a cover letter ★ What to do if some documents are missing ★ How to respond to official requests ★ How to find your NOC code
And many more!


Follow your dreams

Make your immigration to Canada a reality! Avoid "consultants" having neither license nor knowledge, who are interested in your money, not in your immigration.

Having helped thousand of people to make Canada their new home, LP Group team is here to share its experience with you. Our knowledge and expertise allowed us to create the Canadian Immigration Success course, making unbiased, professional approach available for everyone.

Avoid mistakes

Have yourself protected from the most common mistakes and silly refusals. Know how to act in different situations, understand how immigration officers review your case.

  • Real life examples of immigration cases
  • Have your questions answered
  • Samples of documents that work
  • Pitfalls explained



Do not waste money

You will need your hard earned money to start your new life in Canada — why give it to a legal representative when you can do the job yourself?

Immigration to Canada is made possible for everyone without hiring a lawyer. All you need is just clear understanding of how things work. Canadian Immigration Success course is designed to arm you with the required knowledge for a fee that is only a fraction of cost a lawyer would charge.

Join the growing number of successful immigrants

All professional immigration specialists do while working on your immigration case and even more. Handout materials, sample documents, guides and live discussions! Your immigration to Canada from A to Z made clear and affordable.

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Trusted and loved by applicants worldwide

We truly believe that immigration should be transparent and available to everyone.
See what course participants say about their Canadian Immigration Success experience.

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5-day Canadian Immigration Success education course is tailored to help you to immigrate to Canada
legally, hassle free and without exorbitant legal costs.
Delivered live.

Canadian Immigration Successlive

$350 CAD / full course

Live online course with documents, discussions and materials.

  • Provincial and federal immigration
  • Express Entry
  • Common mistakes to avoid
  • Current updates
  • ...and many more

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Meet the authors

Professional LP Group team is here to support you during the course, throughout the immigration process and upon arrival to Canada!



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Take your immigration in your own hands.
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With professional knowledge and experience shared with you, become fully prepared to immigrate to Canada.
Boost your Express Entry score and land in Canada. Build your future today.

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About LP Group

We are a Canadian consulting company with over 16 years of experience in immigration. Being focused not only on delivering quality immigration services, but also on making knowledge about Canadian immigration available to everyone, we created this course for those hoping to call Canada their new home.

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