Business immigration

Business immigration is the common name for a range of Provincial and Federal immigration programs designed to attract businessmen, investors and experienced senior managers to Canada. These programs are specifically designed to be appealing to applicants who wish to create workplaces in Canada for themselves and for Canadians.

Application requirements for business programs vary from a simple set of documents for the Self-employed category to elaborated business plan and substantial investments for Provincial and Federal investor categories. Most of the programs, however, do not require investments or spending large sums of money. Application focus is shifted from financial matter to a business plan and documents which may persuade a visa officer that your case is genuine and that there is a high chance for your business to be successful in Canada.

Needless to say, business programs require a special attention and qualified legal support. From preparation of documents to interview and exploratory trips, LP Group visa experts will be with you accommodating and working with your immigration application until its completion.

We will do everything possible to make your business immigration experience hassle-free and spotless. From the initial assessment to getting a Permanent Resident status in Canada, our licensed immigration practitioners and business advisors will be with you.

Having over a decade of experience in successful immigration, visa and documents-related work, our team has created a truly unique knowledge base allowing us to accommodate and handle the most complex business immigration cases.

Simply contact us today for your free assessment and consultation. We will be glad to help.

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