Certified Translations in USA

On request from our customers we also certify translated documents in order to give the translation a legal weight and to issue a ‘proof’ of the accuracy and correctness of the translation. It is important to bear in mind that over the past few years certification has become a norm and only certified translations are accepted.

Please double check with respective authorities that you intend to submit the translated document to and do bear in mind that requirement may vary from province to province and country to country.

Certified translations do not have a validity period and carry legal weight for as long as information on the document certified remains true and unchanged. It is thus a worthy considering certification even if the document is meant for private use.

We furthermore offer discount on translation accompanies by certification. We will happily provide you with a quote for an urgent translation and offer further discount on volume. Please e-mail or ring us to speak to a consultant.

Our agency also provides the following services:

Editing and Proofread

We will happily assist our clients with editing and proofreading any document they may have translated themselves and simply wish to have these checked and certified.

Do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or by phone and indicate which kind of document (medical, legal, technical, etc.) you wish to be edited or proofread and whether you require certification and one of our staff members will provide you with a quote and quickest completion timeframe.

Document Formatting

For all our translations, in addition to guaranteeing the accuracy of the text we equally guarantee proper formatting and layout of the document.

All translated documents are returned to the customer in the same format, including tables and graphs, as the original document for the ease of reference and subsequent amendments or additions, if required.

If your document contains handwriting, our translators will ensure that the handwritten sections are clearly marked in the translated version.

Interpretation Services

In addition to a wide range of translation services, we equally provide interpretation services for meetings and conferences. We have a number of full-time interpreters from the main European as well as some Middle Eastern languages, but on request we will happily arrange for interpreters of more rare languages.

Our interpreters will be assist you with interpretation at company premises, hospitals, immigration centres, courts or conferences.

All interpretation is performed in a confidential manner to ensure confidentiality and privacy of the parties involved.

We will happily provide you with a quote for interpretation. Please e-mail or ring us to speak to a consultant.


We appreciate the confidential nature of all the documents that we work with. Ensuring confidentiality is a founding principle of our business model. We carefully select our translators and proofreaders and all our staff members are bound by the confidentiality clause, which guarantees that no private details of our customers shall be disclosed to a third party.

DocsBase USA is a part of LP Group specializing in translation, certification and legalization of documents in NYC as well as other US cities.

Apostille and Legalization

Legalization of a document simply means confirming that the signature on such document is true and genuine.  This confirmation requires a special verification stamp called Apostille. This is true only for countries which joined Hague Convention of 1961. For example, USA is one of such countries while Canada is not.

Legalization in Canada, in its essence, is the same as legalization with Apostille while instead of the named stamp, a seal from the Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFAIT) is used.

Before using personal or business documents abroad, it is required that they are legalized in DFAIT if originated from Canada or with Apostille if originated from The USA.

Sometimes, so-called double legalization is also used, for example, when a diploma is certified with the Ministry of Education and then with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Additionally, legalization of translated documents is usually required by foreign Consulates and Embassies for issuing certificates or passports. For instance, Russian Consulate may require domestic Canadian birth certificate to be translated and legalized prior to issuing Russian passport for a child.

Another example is certification requirement of a foreign document in an Embassy so that it might be used anywhere in Canada or US. While it’s not always needed in Canada, such prerequisites are more common for USA.

In any of such occasions, LP Group teams in Toronto and NYC will be glad to assist you. With over a decade of experience in translation, certification and legalization of domestic and foreign documents, you may rest fully assured that our team will help you professionally and hassle-free. Our managers will gladly listen to all of your requirements and will select the fastest and most proficient method of your documents legalization.

Simply contact our local US and Canada teams today for your free consultation and quote. We work 24/7 to help you.

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