Refusal management

Visa applications to Canada are denied from time to time and this happens due to various reasons: from mistakes in applications to mistakes made during processing.A refusal letter included with any rejected application is nothing more than a boilerplate, that is included as such in an operation manual each officer has in front of him or her.

So what to do if your temporary or permanent resident visa application to Canada has been denied? The answer is to approach a legal team which specializes in refusal management and rejected applications.

Refusal management is the complex professional strategy used to rectify consequences of a refused application and to strive for reaching a positive decision. Based on our experience about 2/3 of all refusal cases can receive final approval, given that they are handled by experienced specialists.

Our team of certified and licensed immigration practitioners will obtain notes and documentsof your case from CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada). Our immigration specialists will then understand the reasoning of an immigration officer, who, given the same information and documents, came to a conclusion that an application must be refused.

If based on the analysis of case materials it becomes clear that an application has sufficient chance for success, we will prepare an application for you and help you in getting a positive application decision. If there are mistakes of the processing office found during case review, an application can be referred to anauthority in charge to reconsider the case. In some cases an application can be filed with the Federal Court of Appeal, which has powers to revoke anydecision made by CIC.

If you are seeking professional assistance with your case refusal management, please contact our professional team today. We are here to help you.

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