Temporary visa to Canada

If you are looking to visit Canada temporarily for leisure, business, to see friends or relatives, you may need to obtain a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). This visa allows an applicant to stay in Canada for up to six months; authorized stay periodcan also be extended if necessary.

To apply for a temporary (tourist, guest or business) visa to Canada, one has to collect a set of documents and send them together with required application forms to the visa processing center online or by mail.

Canadian visa application preparation is different from the process in other countries in a sense that it is an applicant’s responsibility to satisfy a visa officer that visa requirements are met. In practice it means that the application includes as many supporting documents as required to support the case, and these documents usually differ from one application to another.

At LP Group Immigration and Visa department, we work with all types of visas to Canada for over a decade. Our visa experts are certified immigration practitioners who have extensive experience in immigration and visa applications. We have adopted absolutely unique approach to every client’s case by carefully analyzing the situation and selecting the most appropriate application scenario.

Whether you were invited by relatives or friends, want to visit a trade show, explore business opportunities or simply enjoy beautiful nature, landmarks and attractions of Canada, LP Group visa team is here to help. We will assist you in preparation of your application, drafting invitation letter, Notary services and documents translation according to current requirements.

Just contact our immigration and visa team today for your consultation. We work to help you.

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